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The home page provides two buttons:

  • Country Selector
  • Construction Activities

If you click on Country Selector it takes you to a list of the countries included within this project. Once the country is selected it takes you to a general Country Summary.

Clicking on Construction Activities takes you to the Activity Selector. Once the Activity is selected it takes you to a list of the countries, then when a country is selected it takes you directly to the Matrix table for that particular activity in that country.

To begin again, return to the Home page and make your selection.

Left Hand Menu

On the left hand side of the screen there are a number of options including:

  • Home
  • Methodology
  • Country Selector
  • Construction Activities
  • User Guide
  • Contact us

To enter any one of these sections simply click on the appropriate link.

Home page

From this page you can navigate to any one of the available sections in order to find out the information you need.


The methodology provides the foundation of the work and explains the evaluation procedure.

Country Selector

This takes you to the list of countries included within this project. You can select a country by clicking on it, which then directs you to the individual country file.

User Guide

You can access the user guide at any point when using this website. It provides information on the site as a whole and its individual sections.

Country Selector

If you enter through Country Selector you will be presented with a list of the different countries included in the database and their flags. To access a specific country file click on the appropriate flag.

Individual Country Profiles

The Individual Country Profiles include a table containing figures regarding population, literacy, GDP, unemployment, inflation, and ethnic groups.

If you scroll further down the screen you will also find more information relating to education in brief, politics, economics and national resources.

The left hand menu extends, providing direct access to specific information for that country. This includes:

  • Overview of Construction
  • Key Regulatory Bodies
  • Construction Activities
  • Qualification Table
  • Education System Flowchart

Overview of Construction

This section provides a general overview of the construction sector within the specific country, whilst also highlighting the current issues and challenges it currently faces.

Key Regulatory Bodies

This section provides specific information regarding the regulatory bodies involved in construction within that country, their remit and activities.

Construction activities

This provides a list of the three activity areas covered for this project:

  • Wood Activities
  • Stone and Brick Activities
  • Finishing Activities

By clicking on one of these sections, you can obtain access to the matrix table which provides the occupational titles for that country in both its original language and English and which competencies are covered in a specific activity area. The ticks represent the competencies covered and the blank spaces highlight the gaps identified in the overseas award, where applicable.

Qualifications Table

This is a list of qualifications relating to construction within the specific country and where possible a comparison to the appropriate European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level is given.

Education System Flowchart

This section provides a flowchart of the education system for the selected country with the VET system highlighted in yellow.