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Since 1 April 1997 the National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for the United Kingdom has been managed by ECCTIS Ltd under contract to the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). Click here for details of how to contact the Centre.

The UK NARIC has been a member of the network of NARICs throughout the European Union since the early 1980s. The operation of the network is co-ordinated by Directorate General IV (Education, Culture, Youth and Sport) of the European Commission in Brussels. The information on qualification comparability produced also falls within the work of UNESCO. We are also the ENIC representative for a wider network of ENICs (European Network of Information Centres) throughout other European countries.

The purposes of the UK NARIC are:

It informs and advises:

In this way it promotes individual progress towards:

Evaluating Qualifications

The UK NARIC evaluates overseas qualifications by paying regard, as appropriate, to such factors as:

In reaching a comparability judgement, NARIC information officers need to have sight of:

Comparability judgements are arrived at by use of:

All members of the NARIC team receive full training on a range of qualification structures, evaluation and assessment criteria before becoming NARIC information officers.

Universities and professional bodies in the United Kingdom are independent organisations. As such, they make their own decisions about admissions, having regard to qualifications and other relevant criteria. Establishing the comparability of an overseas qualification with a UK one does not constitute an automatic right to admission.

Description of Education Systems

International Comparisons covers some 190 countries from which students come to the UK in search of further study, training, or professional registration and employment. Each country file usually consists of the following sections:

Because it is the benchmark for comparison with overseas qualifications, the country file for the United Kingdom is given in a separate section.

In reading the comparability statements the following points should be noted:

The information on this edition of International Comparisons has been comprehensively reviewed in terms of its accuracy and currency.

How to Contact the UK NARIC

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